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The brief was to imagine and to conceive a new screwdriver handle design that will bring a real differentiation compared to  competitors but also an incomparable user-friendliness. A delicate subject for there are a great deal of screwdrivers with so many different handles on the market.

The designers Tamim DAOUDI and Grégoire RUAULT were associated on this project in this period.
Together they analyzed the screwdrivers of all the competitors of the sector to determine the negative and positive points both in the use and the aspect.
By realizing models in clay and by observing the imprint of hands during simulations in situ they noticed a twisting, a spin, in the shape.
This deformation was integrated into the design and following new trials the designers noticed that the spin improved the rotation speed but also the user-friendliness of the screwdriver. Finally, a pictogram of the imprint and a color code was added at the end of the handle to allow a fast identification of the screwdriver and so  saving for the user.
after approval of the manufacturer of tools, the designers declined the concept on the complete range.
Plastic injection 2015

redifition of a screwdriver

  • reconsidering the screwdriver by optimising the turnings

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